Islanded | Gamejolt page discontinued

× Wait a second! This post was created 2 years, 3 months ago. (January 30, 2014)
A lot of information could have changed, you have been warned!
The Gamejolt page is no longer public and cannot be accessed.

A long time ago, when the Islanded IndieDB page appeared for the first time and the game was announced to the public, a fake Gamejolt page appeared out of nowhere, making really bold statements and promising meaningless content.

After removing the page for copyright infringement, I decided to don’t let the followers on Gamejolt that followed the fake page and the game with nothing, so I republished the game on Gamejolt with updated content, and this time under my control.

However, things have grown a bit, and it’s totally impossible for me to keep that many pages open. Today’s purge is coming to the Gamejolt page, for several reasons.

One is that the game has been published twice already, which probably hurt the discoverability of Islanded entirely. The new Islanded page only got 2% of the followers back (compared to the fake one), and has failed to overcome the 600 downloads as I’m writing this, when Desura currently has +4000 downloads and counting.

Another reason is that Gamejolt was never a consideration for Islanded, and was more of an afterthought.
Honestly, I don’t think Gamejolt is the best place for Islanded right now. The site is based on free, fast-made games and content that is often played in the browser.
I do not think Islanded fits in this world.

If you discovered Islanded on Gamejolt or you currently follow Islanded updates through Gamejolt, the page will not disappear immediately, but updates will no longer be posted on the site, the content will not be updated, no new builds will be uploaded and I won’t be answering or reading comments. Sorry for any inconvenience!

Remember that you can follow islanded on Desura or IndieDB.