Islanded | First Q&A

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Well, some of you have some early questions about the game, and with this first Q&A I’ll try to answer them. Remember that you can ask anything about the game on the comments section, and if I can share the answer, in the next Q&A’s it will probably be answered.


Q. Absolutely amazing. And the music adds greatly to the atmosphere. I don’t know what kind of music you have in the game, but if it is something like this, it might be absolutely amazing.

A. Music and sounds will follow the same style as the music in the video, mainly because I want to set a mysterious atmosphere within the game, but obviously without getting scary. Moreover, the video of the Pre-Alpha included only music, but the game has multiple 3D/surround sounds, depending on the area of the map and the time.

Q. Looks cool. Is this like a stranded-island-survival game or what?

A. Quoting you, yes, making the game a “stranded-island-survival” would be the idea. Before the first release I will need to complete the basic design of the island and launch a pre-alpha version with also some graphics options. Once it’s done I would like to add the basic variables such as health, cold, heat, food, etc.
Building and more islands would come later. Always with the style in mind of a lost island, so finding a machine gun won’t be a thing.

Q. It would be always 1st person?

A. Yes. The idea is to make the game as immersive as possible.

Q. Will the weather change (sunny, rainy), or time will change from day to night?

A. Yes. It won’t happen in this first release, but is planned early on.

That’s all for today! If you have any question, feel free to ask me. Remember that you can follow the progress of the game here, on IndieDB, or Twitter.

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