Islanded Alpha 3 | Pre-Update

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A lot of information could have changed, you have been warned!

In the following weeks the biggest update for Islanded will be finished and released. But before the update release, here are a few interesting things that this new update will include.

Also, an early Alpha will come out after the update, including the possibility to explore the map, and make use of the few items included in the upcoming update.

In this small pre-update I’m going to cover a few things of the changelog of the new update, like the new¬†buoyancy system and the new weapons and tools.

Buoyancy system

With this new feature all objects that can float in real life, will float too on the game, applying real physics on the water and keeping the object in the surface. Here it’s a little gif to show how this works.

Buoyancy system

Weapons and Tools

With a new inventory and melee system (that will be covered in the next update) new weapons and tools will be added to the game. Here are the player models that the player will see when the weapons/tools are equipped.

MetalAxe Weapon/Tool MetalPickaxe Weapon/Tool Torch Tool

Those where some of the few parts of the new update The full update will be coming in a couple of weeks.

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