Islanded Alpha 2.1 | New forest

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With a little more than one month of silence, here comes a new update / revision, ( This smaller update includes the new forest, that will be located in the middle area of the first island.

This forest style will be part of the 50% of the first island, and will be placed in different zones. The forest is made to be easily explorable by day, but hard to even walk through at night even with a source of light, because without easy access to the sky, and without reference points it becomes a labyrinth in low light.

Since this is a smaller update than usual, there isn’t an update video to show, but I made some screenshots of the new forest, and two wallpapers for anyone who wants to download them.

Some website news, the web page and the forum will be finished soon, so for now you can enter and submit your e-mail address to receive the newsletter.

Stay tuned for more updates.

Forest Update images (

Moon shine in the forest #1 Moon shine in the forest #2

Day view of the forest #1 Day view of the forest #2 Day view of the forest #3

Night in the forest Late Afternoon in the forest

Forest Wallpapers

Click on the images for the full resolution version.

Logo Wallpaper (v. Logo corner Wallpaper (v.

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